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Re: [PLUG] Debconf 20/21 in India

at bottom :-

On 06/08/2018, Skool!lookS <look.kool@guruvision.com> wrote:


> What Three Star hotel availability has got to do with DebCon?
> Ethiopia may have only huts, is technology an enabler or tool for
> dividing people into comfort and display of how hospitable scene can be?
> Think of it like the Title "City of Joy" (because I haven't read it) and
> learn to NJoy..
> Many people call me by name Shirish, but Donkey will also be equally
> good with proper case like "DonKey" :-)
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Dear Guru/Skoolooks/Shirish ,

It's possible you have not attended Debconf. The reason for having
different types of accommodation is some people are on company's dime
when they are attending debconf called Corporate Registration - See

While not a rule, usually people who are on company's rolls usually
like to be on hotels as it makes things easier for the company as
well. Also there is and are possibilities of families which are not
covered by sponsorship while one of the member is covered in which
case also people may choose to check into hotel. Having a choice of
hotel/hotels just gives that much more flexibility for both the
organizers and the attendees.

@Siji, like the idea of doing it in IIT-Mumbai, space is not an issue
and it's a huge campus so we could take them around the campus, the
Powai lake is sure to be an instant hit .

Anyways, for now we could use this
https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf19/Bids/Curitiba as a possible
template of things to fill in before putting in a serious bid.  So
people will need to put in lot more minidebconfs if we are to put in a
serious bid :)

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