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Re: Debian on RP 3

Raspbian is based on Debian.


There seems to be an ARM port of Hamara Linux for download but date on it looks pretty old, circa 2014.


May be you can get in touch with them to get it working. Pretty sure raspbian build scripts must be available.

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 8:42 PM, yogesh powar <yogesh.powar@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello All,

Friend of mine and I would like to donate some of our effort/money/time providing computers at a primary school in a village in Goa.

We were thinking of having Raspberry Pi -3 with Input/Output devices. But software/OS, we were thinking of having Gnu/Linux.

Has any one tried Debian on RP3? Is Hamara Gnu/Linux endorsed by Debian?

Let me know if anyone has tried out this setup in the school.


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