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Re: Debian on RP 3

Hi Yogesh,

Quoting yogesh powar (2016-09-20 17:12:06)
> Friend of mine and I would like to donate some of our 
> effort/money/time providing computers at a primary school in a village 
> in Goa.
> We were thinking of having Raspberry Pi -3 with Input/Output devices. 
> But software/OS, we were thinking of having Gnu/Linux.
> Has any one tried Debian on RP3? Is Hamara Gnu/Linux endorsed by 
> Debian?
> Let me know if anyone has tried out this setup in the school.

About your choice of hardware:

Please beware that Raspberry Pi, although popular, does not have good 
quality hardware and cannot boot a Debian system (a non-free binary blob 
is required).

Here's arguing at Hamara Linux, comparing price to OLinuXino devices: 

Here's arguing at FreedomBox list about efficiency (and repeating some 
of above): 

Here's arguing at the Sugarlabs project about RPi3 and its non-free 
blob: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/iaep/2016-June/018803.html

About school use:

I dearly recommend you to get in touch with others in India with 
experience in this field.  I understand it is more fun to explore on 
your own than aligning with the pace and mindset of others, but even 
doing it alone you can _borrow_ ideas from others.

Here's mentioning at this list some contacts related to Debian and 

About tinkering with tiny systems more generally:

Whether you choose to move on with RPi or pick another arguably superior 
device, please consider joining the Debian Tinker blend team: 

Hope that helps,

 - Jonas

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