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Re: Debian on RP 3

On २० सप्टेंबर २०१६ ८-४२-०६ PM IST, yogesh powar <yogesh.powar@gmail.com> wrote:
>Hello All,
>Friend of mine and I would like to donate some of our effort/money/time
>providing computers at a primary school in a village in Goa.

>We were thinking of having Raspberry Pi -3 with Input/Output devices.

Great Idea, but in my opinion you should also explore some cheaper alternatives to Raspberry Pi like Banana Pi and Orange Pi. They are similar to a Raspberry Pi but cheaper than it. You can get them from sites like crazypi.com

>software/OS, we were thinking of having Gnu/Linux.

Raspbian the OS available on raspberrypi.org and works great for now.
Raspbian is based on Debian. There's no official Debian image made for Raspberry Pi. 

>Has any one tried Debian on RP3? Is Hamara Gnu/Linux endorsed by

Debian endorses no other operating system. That made clear, Debian does not endorse Hamara GNU/Linux or any other operating systems.
But Debian does maintain a list of direct derivative operating systems  of Debian through the 'Debian derivative census'. 

>Let me know if anyone has tried out this setup in the school.

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