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Proposal for new fully free distro based on Debian

Please share your feedback.

[ http://www.inventati.org/swaraj/ ]

Swaraj Gnu/Linux wants to be a fully Free alternative for Indian community
with long term goal of spreading awareness about Free Softwares.

1. Why yet another new Libre Gnu Linux ?

In Jan 2015, Indian Government [1] decided to move on a Made In India Gnu/Linux
operating system, which unfortunately is not a Free Software [2]. Free Software
means the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and
improve the software.

Hence there is a need of time to provide a fully Free alternative.

Swaraj will be completely build by the community and for the community. [3]

2. Why Debian?

Following are few important points why Gnu/Linux would be based on Debian.

1. Debian has stable release cycles and not rolling release cycles. Each method
    has pros and cons but prior one could not require constant access to the
    Internet. In India having a good internet access is a problem.
2. Unlike Ubuntu and Fedora (Canonical & Redhat), Debian has come straight from
    the community.

3. Key Features

1. It would have different Indian Languages support by Default.
2. Minimum two Desktop environment should be supported. One for the low
    memory/cpu profile machines and other one for higher end.
    Could be Xfce or Gnome.
3. Update and releases would be available on the Internet. Every new release
    would also have with a Live CD/USB.
4. It would be targetted for use in Indian government, schools, colleges and
    home environment.
5. Users can raise the issue on the #swaraj at irc.freenode.net or at
the mailing
    list. User would get news udpate from Swaraj newsgroup and also from its


1. http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/governments-boss-move-now-a-homegrown-system-to-run-computers/
2. http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html

Yogesh Powar

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