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Re: [MiniDebConfSite] Site now Up to preview

On Saturday 30 August 2014 11:36 PM, pavithran wrote:
> Done check out https://gitorious.org/minidebconfindia/minidebconfwebsite-2014-mirror/source/ae67835cf671f34cfb0b806dd8d95ee141a2b4d9:

I have merged this to 2014-mirror repo and added you and harish to the
team. You can commit there directly.

As Mahendra reported, its live on in2014.mini.debconf.org

Pavithran, can you create a front page, one single html page will do,
for mini.debconf.org (easier to tell people) with a open streep map of
the world with mini debconfs marked (clicking on the markers will open
the respective mini debconf pages)? May be a table on the side too with
a list of mini debconfs too.

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