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Re: [MiniDebConfSite] Site now Up to preview

in-line :-

On 8/29/14, Mahendra Bhandwalkar <mahendra.bhandwalkar@gmail.com> wrote:
> i got Event venue info
> OSM Map
> Place Photos

Hi all,
Me and Mahendra were up till 4 in the morning figuring out things with
me overseeing the changes.

> ---------------------------------------
> i  got Registration Form
> Balasankar C    (it Using  PHP and MYSQL)

@Bala, could you change the code so instead of locking to MySQL it
uses SQLite . I *think* that is what was discussed and decided on the
mailing list. It doesn't make sense as the data would be pretty much
limited both for delegates as well as speakers

> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>        ------------------------------------------
>           i need following Data
>        ------------------------------------------
> Photographs for Slider
> previous mini DebConf
> or other related to mini DebConf

The persons who can help is either Pavithran or/and the person who had
last taken backup of the fosscommunity site.

@Nandaja, IIRC at some point you were handling the site and wiki as
well, right ? Could you see if there are any backups of the site lying

>  ------------------------------------------
> Sponsors
> i need logo and info about following
> 1. Event Partner(logo img)

Debian is the event partner, there might be another one as well but
will know later only.

> The logo of our University?
Aishwarya is possibly the right person for this.

> 2. Media Partner(logo img)
Darshana is trying to get the OSFY people to partner with us, let's
see what is the outcome of that from the host institution.

> 3. Associate Sponsors(logo img)

This we can only know after the sponsorship brochures are sent and
they are waiting for the site to launch, to share the URL in the
brochure as well as to open up the CFP for people outside.

> ------------------------------------------
> Event Schedule for Day 1 & Day 2

This we will probably sit down and discuss tonight and perhaps on
Monday night as well
(Shirish and Aishwarya)

> ------------------------------------------------------
> Speaker's info

After the speakers from the college are specified and talks are known
then profiles can be shared. Aishwarya should be able to share some
front profile shots of the speakers and their educational background,
interests etc.

> CFP is on.

Till l8er.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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