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Re: Dates for the MiniDebConf '14 finalized !

No hard feelings here folks. :) Just frankly shared what I felt.

I am not a part of the organizing team anyway. I am sure they
understand the concerns better than me and will organize the event
accordingly. Either way, I'm planning to attend it.


On 4 August 2014 16:20, Vasudev Kamath <kamathvasudev@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 3:59 PM, Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> wrote:
>> Quoting Haris Ibrahim K. V. (2014-08-04 06:53:31)
>>> I have no intention of starting a debate,
>> Hehe - you don't _start_ a debate, I did so ;-)
>> If you truly want to avoid _feeding_ a debate, then refrain from
>> commenting on it.  Trying stop a debate by stating some "final remarks"
>> is bound to not work.
>> "I have no intention of you responding to this email" :-P
>>> Their ambition of doing an event targeting an audience of 300 is in
>>> itself quite commendable.
>> Certainly.
>> ...and that number may even go down a bit by may either lower that
>> number a bit or stay same but consist of fewer privacy concerned
>> participants - both encouraging similar choice for future conferences,
>> because "those attending are happy".
> Completely agree on this point, and one more addition this conference
> from previous discussion even though Debian related discussion has a
> lot of privacy related talks being brought up. And it really doesn't
> make sense to violate privacy concerns by organizer when conference
> itself want to create awareness on privacy.
> However difficult it may be to organize an event, if we value
> something (in our case privacy) we should try hard to stick to the
> points at all costs, thats what I believe.
>> Enjoy your conference, and enjoy organizing it - however it is done.
>>  - Jonas
>> P.S.
>> Would be nice to keep the conversation to *one* mailinglist, so that the
>> ever growing list of cc's could be weeded out.
> Dropped long Cc lines and kept the discussion to mailing list.
> --
> Vasudev Kamath
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> copyninja@{frndk.de|vasudev.homelinux.net}

Haris Ibrahim K. V.

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