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Re: Mini debconf pune 2011 gets press coverage

Hey Pavithran,

Nicely done! Thanks. I suggest we add Shirish and Pavithran as our press contacts for the event. Anyone else who want to help out with press release, reorts, blogs, photos, posters etc may join this "publicity" team. If you are interested reply here and talk to Pavi or Shirish.


On Aug 25, 2011 1:17 PM, "pavithran" <pavithran.s@gmail.com> wrote:

We were contacted by TechGoss an australlian based online technical
magazine covering Indian events  for press coverage of the event .
They at first wanted to take the article on basis of someof their
research and some questions they asked about scope of the event,
advantages and disadvantages. Later they decided on publishing the
report itself .

excuse me for the typos and poor language . All the mistakes could be
attributed solely to me !


pavithran sakamuri

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