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Re: 1.17.21 on OS X


On Wed, 2014-11-12 at 00:48:08 +0000, Dominyk Tiller wrote:
> It's not as perfect as having access to actual physical or full virtual
> machines, and it seems to mandate using Github which is a pain for some,
> but Travis is fairly useful for cross-platform testing. Travis can
> handle multiple Linux Distros and offer comprehensive OS X support, It
> may or may not be useful for you:

Ah thanks! When I checked it at the time, the Mac OS X support seemed
to be an implementation detail of the Objective-C environment (AFAIR),
it seems to be now selectable standalone, I'll try that out.

And I already use Travis but only because it allows to run the Coverity
client binary blob for dpkg on their system, so I don't have to trust it
locally, which was a nice find when Coverity stopped running it on their
own servers.


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