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Re: need help on comprehending output of dpkg


Weeks ago a posted something asking for help,
now 1 month passed since then, and I found this post is just
**not necessary**.

By viewing the source code I found the answer, definitely.
So please don't answer that original post anymore.

BTW, I'd like to put an advice here:
For example,
> 1194 msgid "error un-catching signal %s: %s\n"
according to the function name contains this line, it means:
: restore the sigaction (old_act) of signal SIG

so well, isn't it?
However the word "un-catching" is confusing, and what if the
signal is SIGTERM (even if this will not happen)? the default action
towards SIGTERM is "catching" instead of "un-catching",
then they conflict.
I want to know is it proper to say "un-catching"? it is really confusing
to me at the beginning of translation.
Why didn't the developer just write "error restoring sigaction for xxx"?
This expression is more and more precise.

At least, I believe that the .pot/.po of dpkg has a shortage:
*  lack of explaining notes.
While some gnu's .po file are filled with bunches of notes for

Developer may be confused to judge "what is confusing to translators",
while translators themselves know it best.
I don't know where to add these notes.

thanks :)

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