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Re: New translators workflow


On Mon, 03 Nov 2014, Sébastien POHER wrote:
> - I think Weblate will fit for smaller translations (Debian Security
> Annoucement and such), but dpkg is huge (+22K lines for man/po/fr.po)
> and I don't see myself going from an untranslated chain to another by
> clicking a hundred times;

There must be some way to display only untranslated/fuzzy strings, no?

> - Weblate is good for team translation, but when Raphaël "recruted" me,
> he wanted French translation to be under the responsibility of one
> person (eventually with a co-translator). I agree with it as it improves
> the coherence of the translation;

If you're the sole person working on that translation, then you're fine.

If more people are spontaneously joining (which happened more than once
to some translations of the Debian Handbook), then yes the might be some
need to differentiate between people who can only make suggestions of
changes and the people who can actually do changes. I don't know if you a
clean way to review all strings submitted/changes by other persons than

> - Weblate is a kind of SaaS that requires to be online to work, I am not
> always connected and I'd rather keep my work on my computer then share
> it to others for review "when it's ready".

IIRC you can download a .po file and upload it back to Weblate.

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