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Re: rsyslog init script breaks after package upgrade


> In which case I'm inclined to say this is a bogus kernel, which
> prepends “ (deleted)” instead of appending it. You should report this
> to the server provider. And I'm in principle going to just close this
> bug report (instead of adding a workaround to s-s-d), as this might
> break other userspace programs and should be fixed in the kernel side.

One more note:
To be honest, the behaviour of OpenVZ seems to make more sense than
upstream Linux. I mean, what if a file called "/usr/sbin/rsyslogd
(deleted)" actually exists? There is no way to distinguish whether this
program was executed from a deleted version of "/usr/sbin/rsyslogd", or
the current version of "/usr/sbin/rsyslogd (deleted)". The way OpenVZ
makes it, however, these cases are easy to distinguish: If the link does
not start with "/", it does not refer to an actually eixsting file.

Kind regards

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