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rsyslog init script breaks after package upgrade

severity 731530 important
reassign 731530 dpkg 1.16.12


this issue is still present in current wheezy, including the backports
package. Without taking manual steps, it results in rsyslog filling up
the disk as log rotation is completely broken - so I'd argue it should
have a severity of important, at least (it may even be RC, as it should
affect many packages - but only in rsyslog I see this problem, so far).

I fixed this now on my system by replacing "--exec $DAEMON" in do_stop
with "--name $RSYSLOGD". But that still leaves --exec rather useless for
"stop", so I am also re-assigning the bug to dpkg (start-stop-daemon).

Kind regards

PS: I'm really looking forward to systemd solving all these issues at

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