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Re: rsyslog init script breaks after package upgrade


On Wed, 2014-03-19 at 09:26:16 +0100, Ralf Jung wrote:
> this issue is still present in current wheezy, including the backports
> package. Without taking manual steps, it results in rsyslog filling up
> the disk as log rotation is completely broken - so I'd argue it should
> have a severity of important, at least (it may even be RC, as it should
> affect many packages - but only in rsyslog I see this problem, so far).
> I fixed this now on my system by replacing "--exec $DAEMON" in do_stop
> with "--name $RSYSLOGD". But that still leaves --exec rather useless for
> "stop", so I am also re-assigning the bug to dpkg (start-stop-daemon).

If --exec is supposedly broken then this would affect any daemon using
it, which I find a bit perplexing, and I'd have expected a ton of bug
reports on dpkg due to broken upgrades. I've rechecked it on current
unstable, and it still works here.

Going over the original bug report I see this very suspicious line:

chrisb@massmail:~$ sudo ls /proc/427/exe -l
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Dec  6 01:33 /proc/427/exe ->  (deleted)/usr/sbin/rsyslogd

If this is really the contents of the exe symlink, then that's the reason
s-s-d cannot find the process. The expected contents of the symlink
when the inode has been unlinked should be «/pathname (deleted)».

Chris, Ralf, what kind of kernel are you guys using? Is that a custom
one? Perhaps heavily patched?


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