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Re: rsyslog init script breaks after package upgrade


> This seems also suspiciously similar to Chris' kernel:
> ,---
> Kernel: Linux 2.6.32-042stab081.5 (SMP w/20 CPU cores)
> `---
> In which case I'm inclined to say this is a bogus kernel, which
> prepends “ (deleted)” instead of appending it. You should report this
> to the server provider. And I'm in principle going to just close this
> bug report (instead of adding a workaround to s-s-d), as this might
> break other userspace programs and should be fixed in the kernel side.

I will contact support, but my experience is that this does not reach
people who even understand what I am talking about... :-/ I'd probably
have to know someone in their tech team to actually get this fixed^^ (or
use the magic password [0])

[0]: https://xkcd.com/806/

Kind regards

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