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Re: Upcoming dpkg 1.16.2 upload

Thank you Christian,

My opion is ...

As to new developers rushing? Mark pkgs as "conflicts" or "alpha / beta" and major minor versions correctly and you are fine :) a much bigger / free-er to submit contrib/ section would be nice.

I DEFINITELY have the option (1) DMs and DDs are PREVENTING new submissions (contrib/ wise) with too many rules and this frustrates fresh meat. (2) but at the same time they are allowing massive breaking by ignoring to force use "conflicts/alpha beta/major version bump" where it belongs. (ie, i copy from host a new lib same major version and stuff not requiring minor improvements breaks)

My feeling? If a "new stable" isn't? People will use the old stable until it is good. In general it's gotten better and more and better pkgs than ever are running. Way better than buzz and with allot more "hardware" challenges to overcome ! :)

Thanks all  --John

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