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Re: Upcoming dpkg 1.16.2 upload

Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org> writes:

> On the other hand I've also become disappointed after possibly realizing
> that Debian's culture seems to have been shifting into something different
> than what it was when I joined, where technical excellence seems to be
> less important than rushing things out, patience is not considered an
> important virtue anymore, but being pushy and demanding are, etc.
> Which means I've been and will be reconsidering what my involvment in
> the project should be.

You are kind of implying that you are the only one with technical
excellence and that all the people that designed, wrote and send you
multiarch stuff do not.

It saddens me too that Debian's culture seem to have changed to where a
single person things he has the only technical excellence on a subject.

Please do not quit but maybe stop putting it all on just your
shoulders. There must be someone else out there that you consider to
have sufficient technical experteese to work with you. And if not then
it would be even more important to bring someone else up to code. Having
such a central component as dpkg rely on just one person is a disaster
and the 10 month delay to review the multiarch patches will be the least
of the problems over time. Say next year you do quit or something
happens to you where would dpkg and Debian stand then.


PS: having someone else on the team can also mean you can offload more
stuff you don't like on them and do more of the stuff you do like in

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