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Re: Upcoming dpkg 1.16.2 upload

Quoting Guillem Jover (guillem@debian.org):

> On the other hand I've also become disappointed after possibly realizing
> that Debian's culture seems to have been shifting into something different
> than what it was when I joined, where technical excellence seems to be
> less important than rushing things out, patience is not considered an
> important virtue anymore, but being pushy and demanding are, etc.
> Which means I've been and will be reconsidering what my involvment in
> the project should be.

I'm not sure that this list is the right place for that discussion,
but I see too much generalization in this statement. From what I've
witnessed, the apparent "rush" has been quite soft and most people
involved in this multi-arch stuff much more deeply than I am have
refrained from pushing things too hard for a very long time before
becoming more insisting (and I think it wouldn't be fair to translate
"people" to "Raphaël", here).

A *lot* of care has been taken to respect your very obvious commitment
to technical excellence and will to "do the right thing" and I don't
think that the TC people fit the definition you give above.

I think that everybody agrees that multi-arch changes are, in some
way, risky changes and this, particularly in the core package that
dpkg is. But I also think that, after a few weeks, we see that we
needed that release to unveil all consequences that, indeed, no human
could anticipate. Nobody wants to repeat the 3-year release cycle of
sarge, I'm afraid.

I'm sure this won't convince you more than you are now, but I also
think it's really unfair to conclude that the Debian culture has
changed because of that. And, frankly, from what I have witnessed
over the years, we already had many disruptive innovations happening
in our core packages in that past and probably not all of them were as
prepared as the multi-arch thing has been....

Again, I think that some words had to be said about
all this and, as I can't speak about technical issues that are flying
miles over my head....I then focus on the social issues. Nobody can't
really prevent me from doing so..:-)

So, well, in short, keep up with the good work and please don't give
up...neither now or in a near future.

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