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Re: Multi-arch branches


On Tue, 31 Jan 2012, Guillem Jover wrote:
> I have a problem with merging unreviewed code, though, that among other
> things might and do have design issues, as witnessed in the past. I also
> have not seen Cyril jump to do any kind of code review during all this
> time as quickly as he jumped to pester and with threats to NMU a new
> *upstream release*, w/o having been involved with it at *all*, with
> known issues, regardless of maintainer disapproval...
> One of the many reasons this past year has been pretty distressful, to
> be honest. :(

To be honest, reviewing 66 commits and finding design issues in them
doesn't require 10 months.

You might not care about the schedule of getting multiarch working into
Debian but some people do (including me, many ARM porters, and several
persons on the release team given the past discussions). I think that
you're aware that you have put yourself on the critical path and that
you're the one causing the delay in the completion of this project.

If I were you, I would try to not stay on the critical path: I would do
a public code review pointing out the design issues that you identified
and I would ask the submitter of the code to fix the issues. After that
you can freely help the submitter and do yourself some of the suggested
fixes (and code cleanup/refactoring) but at least other people can step in
to get things moving forward.

Right now, I have been unable to do anything to help you since I submitted
the code except reviewing and testing your changes... changes that I
detect manually by trying to fetch your private repository from time to
time and by running a git diff between the previous copy.

It's fine to work alone when it's your own work, but when you work on code
that has been submitted by others, it would be nice to cooperate more
closely with them. (Even more when it's the co-maintainer and that he's
willing to learn from his mistakes so that at some point in the future you
can trust him... because right now you're not trusting anyone except you.
So it's a bit strange to suggest that a code review by Cyril would have

> > I used 1.16.2~ on purpose because we have users testing the multiarch branch
> > out of the dpkg-test APT repository which has this kind of versioning.
> And that's why that belongs in such branch, for master it does not
> make sense because there's no such tag there anyway, I've been meaning
> to remove the tildes before uploading the final 1.16.2 in any case.


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