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Re: Multi-arch branches

Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org> (30/01/2012):
> That it seems to work does not mean it's fine, I just fixed some days
> ago bogus arguments passed to maintainer scripts, for example.

Possible bugs can easily be found, and then fixed, by exposing packages to…
users. Experimental also means only people pulling it will be exposed to
it anyway.

> Err, “Team upload”...

I can make that NMU, point taken.

> and uploading (which is a trivial step) is not the issue here.

What's the issue then?

> Thanks, I had pushed your build patch to hadrons' master branch. I see
> Raphaël has queued it too, although the changelog entry is not
> appropriate in this case.

Whatever works for you.

> The code assumes 1.16.2 is the one with multiarch support, earlier
> versions will not trigger some stuff.


> > I plan to upload it no later than Friday, and even earlier if I get
> > some enthusiastic ACKS. :)
> Well, NACK then.

What is the current plan? We're *months* already past any schedule that
might have been proposed by yourself, or proxied by Raphaël, since you
most of the time try and avoid answering publicly to legitimate
questions. Indeed, your fellow developers have been working hard for a
very long time on: multiarch specification, initial patch crafting, and
patch merging in various packages. Why are all those efforts stalled?
Just because there might be some bugs left in dpkg's multiarch support?
Time to find them and fix them!

We need dpkg's multiarch support. Not today. Months ago. Please make it
possible for your fellow developers to catch up and make it a reality,


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