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Re: Multi-arch branches


Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> (23/01/2012):
> just to let you know that I have updated my "test-build" branch (and
> hence the "dpkg-test" APT repository[1]). Guillem has merged all the
> remaining fixes I had in pu/multiarch/full so his pu/multiarch/master
> is currently passing the multi-arch test-suite and both branches have
> the same content.
> I just had to update the test suite to cope with the rename of
> ${virt:Package-Spec} to ${binary:Package}.
> I'm looking forward to the completion of the multiarch merge!

me too! I've been running this code on several machines for a while, and
it works just fine.

Since apparently the only remaining blocker for an upload to the archive
seems to be time, I prepared a “Team upload” targeted at experimental,
using the 1.16.2~multiarch version.

For that, I needed to fix a make distcheck failure, so you can find both
the patch to fix it, and the patch to finalize this release at:

source+amd64+all packages are available at the same URL, along with
SHA1 checksums, signed with my GPG key.

I picked 1.16.2_multiarch as tag name, which seems to match current

I plan to upload it no later than Friday, and even earlier if I get some
enthusiastic ACKS. :)


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