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Re: Multi-arch branches

Guillem Jover wrote:

> I have a problem with merging unreviewed code, though, that among other
> things might and do have design issues, as witnessed in the past. I also
> have not seen Cyril jump to do any kind of code review during all this
> time as quickly as he jumped to pester and with threats to NMU a new
> *upstream release*, w/o having been involved with it at *all*, with
> known issues, regardless of maintainer disapproval...

To be honest, I think it's okay.  KiBi is on the release team and
presumably was doing this (among other reasons) to help ensure _other_
packages (e.g., zlib, cupt) have the appropriate changes made and
tested to get multiarch working reasonably by the time the release

The code doesn't even have to be merged in the current form --- it's
an experiment.

The package is in experimental so packages in sid cannot depend on it
and users can reasonably expect it to have a chance of breaking their
system.  As far as I can tell, the biggest risk is that packages may
rely on details of the interface that will change later.  The only
cure for that I can think of is to make sure it is communicated
clearly when that happens.

Thanks for your hard work.  I wish there were some easier way to
accomplish this sort of thing.


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