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Re: Some upcoming dpkg changes, test and feedback welcome

On Wed, 21 Sep 2011, Guillem Jover wrote:
> So returning all the values is fine, and would be useful for other
> derivatives where more than one is actually allowed, and for Debian
> using equality should also be just fine (although using filter would
> be more correct, would avoid archive checks assumptions and as such
> catch possibly bogus uploads earlier).

I knew that Debian does not allow multiple distro, and it's precisely
for this that I expect any usage will end up using equality test which
in turn will lead to problems for distributions using multiple distro
if we return multiple distros.

But this is all wishful thinking at this point given that I have no use
case where some analysis of the distributions returned needs to be
portable across several derivatives and Debian itself.

So I updated the field to return all distributions because either way
it's not going to change much (and it's always possible to add
DEB_FIRST_DISTRIBUTION later if we ever have to reconsider the question).

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