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Re: Next upload 2009-05-18 (dpkg 1.15.1)

On Sun, 17 May 2009 16:20:41 +0200
Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:

> > * Build flags env settings.
> > 
> >   Raphaël mentioned on IRC that we could wait a bit for this, but I
> >   think we rather stop exporting them now so that no more
> > maintainers start relying on them. We can always reenable them
> > later on if we end up deciding this is the way to go.
> I would rather wait a final decision on this instead of knowingly
> breaking packages once more. Not sure how to reach a decision, the
> discussion is rather slowly paced. Maybe asking a recommendation to
> the technical committee ?
> Also why should we keep the dpkg-architecture environment variables
> if we decide that using environment variables in not a good idea ?

Because use of dpkg-architecture - by definition - is not the default
and therefore that it is one way of setting the environment variables
necessary for non-standard builds, i.e. cross-builds.

Environment variables are core to how any package cross-builds in
Debian - what needs to happen is that the "standard" native builds
don't interfere with the cross-building environment (see #450483).

The discussion centred on defaults like CFLAGS and those need to be
overridden for cross-building anyway, sometimes via setting the
PKG_CONFIG environment variables as a result of environment variables
set by dpkg-architecture -a.

How is dpkg-buildpackage -a meant to work without dpkg-architecture -a
setting environment variables?

The only problem that results from dpkg-architecture usage (AFAICT) is
that some maintainers have got the autotools-dev advice wrong and are
always setting --host as well as --build instead of just --build - that
can't be fixed in dpkg anyway.


Neil Williams

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