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Next upload 2009-05-18 (dpkg 1.15.1)


So here's the list of things I consider blockers for next 1.15.1 release
targetting unstable, or that at least we should discuss here if you
think otherwise. The main reason for this is that those are either new
interfaces which should not be exposed to avoid users starting to use
them. Or oldish ones that we should stop spreading while we can until we
have reached a conclusion.

* dpkg vendor env settings.

  Now that Raphaël has implemented the dpkg-vendor program, those vars
  can be disabled w/o any problem.

* Build flags env settings.

  Raphaël mentioned on IRC that we could wait a bit for this, but I
  think we rather stop exporting them now so that no more maintainers
  start relying on them. We can always reenable them later on if we
  end up deciding this is the way to go.

* Build flags to be overriding via cmdline instead of env.

  And I considered this a blocker initialy, but I don't think it
  matters if we don't set any variable by default. And other distro
  might want to use this behaviour for now, even if it only affects a
  small proportion of the packages anyway. So we can leave it for

* Private field prefix.

  Sent a mail already.

So if we can resolve those points, I think we could upload later tomorrow
already, otherwise it can wait few more days.


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