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Re: Next upload 2009-05-18 (dpkg 1.15.1)

On Sun, 17 May 2009, Guillem Jover wrote:
> * dpkg vendor env settings.
>   Now that Raphaël has implemented the dpkg-vendor program, those vars
>   can be disabled w/o any problem.


> * Build flags env settings.
>   Raphaël mentioned on IRC that we could wait a bit for this, but I
>   think we rather stop exporting them now so that no more maintainers
>   start relying on them. We can always reenable them later on if we
>   end up deciding this is the way to go.

I would rather wait a final decision on this instead of knowingly breaking
packages once more. Not sure how to reach a decision, the discussion is
rather slowly paced. Maybe asking a recommendation to the technical
committee ?

Also why should we keep the dpkg-architecture environment variables if we
decide that using environment variables in not a good idea ?

> * Build flags to be overriding via cmdline instead of env.
>   And I considered this a blocker initialy, but I don't think it
>   matters if we don't set any variable by default. And other distro
>   might want to use this behaviour for now, even if it only affects a
>   small proportion of the packages anyway. So we can leave it for
>   latter.

I fail to see why it would be a blocker when the current behaviour is
in a stable release of Debian.

> * Private field prefix.
>   Sent a mail already.

I didn't reply as I don't care much. I have no problem with either

I find the X- prefix much more common and clear, it's just a matter of
having good documentation.

Raphaël Hertzog

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