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Re: Transition from dpkg to GNU install-info

Hi Raphael,

thanks a lot for the work.

On Fr, 13 Mär 2009, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> I just wrote it. I had to do it in C otherwise I couldn't do the check
> on how it's called.

Ok, fine.

> > Why? What would change? info-browsers (see below) should depend on
> > install-info, but if they don't well, then we file a bug to fix that.
> > But we should have install-info first in sid.
> When we upload dpkg to sid, if it contains the Breaks dep,

Right, I forgot about the Break stuff. Right.

> > testing dpkg (hopefully after the weekend with your patch) I should
> > upload to sid?
> I guess so. Asking for review/test on -devel is certainly a good idea at
> this point.

Ok. Do you have an idea how to test *all* packages containing info files
for success when using ginstall-info? I checked the Contents file
	$ zgrep usr/share/info/ Contents-amd64.gz | awk '{print$2}' | sort | uniq | wc -l
so 424 packages ... I don't want to download all of them, install them
plus their dependencies ... uaaa.

At least getting all the info files itself would already be fine,
unpacking /usr/share/info dirs from all packages, uaaa.

BTW, I found that some packages install their info files below
/usr/share/info: emacs-21, emacs-22, lilypond, xemacs-21, xnee (not the
package names) but into sub-directories. Uaahhhh.

I guess I have to rewrite the update-info-dir script anyway to make it
more robust ... help much appreciated!

Best wishes


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