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Re: Transition from dpkg to GNU install-info

Hi all,

On Fr, 13 Mär 2009, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> That looks almost right. I hope Guillem can confirm that it's ok for him
> as well.

That would be great.

> > 1) /usr/sbin/install-info from dpkg
> >   this one will do:
> >   . if called with absolute path, warn the user to use
> >     /usr/bin/install-info
> >   . if called and there is no /usr/bin/install-info give a big fat
> >     warning and die. Or?
> Dying is not really an option. It might be legitimate that
> /usr/bin/install-info is not here: because no info reader is installed.
> The Breaks: added to dpkg ensures that info browsers have the right
> dependency on install-info. That's enough, there's no reason to die.

Ok, who is going to write the dpkg install-info wrapper?

> Note: if we really wanted, we could avoid that intermediary wrapper and
> have it in dpkg but that would mean that the "install-info" interface is
> deprecated and that user are expected to use ginstall-info in the long
> term.

No that we don't want at all!!

> If the official upstream name is install-info, then we should rather keep
> that intermediary wrapper.

Right. We keep the intermediate wrapper, and after squeeze or so we drop
all of the wrappers and ship only install-info as GNU.

> I can try to prepare a dpkg patch this WE so that we can test.
> But we have to handle the info browsers first before we can upload dpkg.
> Which in turn means that the new install info must be available in sid.

Why? What would change? info-browsers (see below) should depend on
install-info, but if they don't well, then we file a bug to fix that.
But we should have install-info first in sid.

Anyway, does that mean with the ok of more people here that after
testing dpkg (hopefully after the weekend with your patch) I should
upload to sid?

Apropos info browsers, that would be:
	info (me)
plus several others that ship as "info-browser"
	emacs (why does each and every emacs package provide info-browser)
	(x)jed (why please does jed-extra provide info-browser?)
	xemacs* (same)

Best wishes


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