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Re: Transition from dpkg to GNU install-info

On Do, 12 Mär 2009, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Relying on the order inside PATH is too fragile IMO. If you want to have
> the binary as install-info directly, you'll have to wait until
> install-info is not used any more by debian packages, i.e. for squeeze+1.

Ok, let me sum up the approach as I understood it:

We will have 3 different install-info:

1) /usr/sbin/install-info from dpkg
  this one will do:
  . if called with absolute path, warn the user to use
  . if called and there is no /usr/bin/install-info give a big fat
    warning and die. Or?
  . Otherwise call /usr/bin/install-info "$@"

2) /usr/bin/install-info from install-info
  this one will do:
  . if called from within a maintainer script (! -z "$DPKG_RUNNING_VERSION")
    then simply warn that the package should be updated and do nothing
  . otherwise call simply ginstall-info "$@" (and maybe warn?)

3) /usr/bin/ginstall-info from install-info
  the normal one

As pathes we would have
- maintainer script calls either /usr/sbin/install-info or
  /usr/bin/install-info, in both cases this is detected and nothing is
  done but a warning issued

- admin calls install-info and gets /usr/sbin/install-info, then simply
  /usr/bin/install-info is called that in turn calls
  /usr/bin/ginstall-info. (Maybe a warning that this is now GNU i-i)

- admin calls /usr/sbin/install-info: same as above, but with and
  additional warning from /usr/sbin/i-i

- user calls /usr/sbin/install-info (with full path) -> as above

- user calls /usr/bin/install-info, fine, as normal

Ok, I have uploaded 4.13a.dfsg.1-2~exp04 to the usual place at
http://people.debian.org/~preining/TeX/i-i/ which implements that. What
is missing is the dpkg part shipping a different /usr/sbin/i-i.

So what do we do next?

Best wishes


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