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Re: Transition from dpkg to GNU install-info

Hi Guillem,

On Mi, 11 Mär 2009, Guillem Jover wrote:
> If you could take care of the texinfo side, I will have plenty of time
> starting next month, so I might be able to handle the rest of the
> transition.

Ok, that would be great!

> >  + Changes in texinfo
> >    - a new install-info package replaces dpkg's install-info
> Given that we have other info viewers, that seems better than bundling
> it in the info or texinfo packages.

Right. It would still be build from the same source package texinfo, but
a separate binary package.

Here immediately some questions: I can start preparing a separate
install-info bin package for experimental, but 
- should we install GNU install-info into /usr/bin where there is
  ginstall-info ATM, or into /usr/sbin, where there is dpkg ii?
  I would suggest /usr/bin.

- can you prepare a dpkg experimental package that does not ship ii but
  depends on install-info?

- I would ship an ii package that conflicts with dpkg < experimental and
  then we could try the whole thing out.


> >    - This install-info should support the current dpkg's install-info
> >      options (i.e. no failures, but not necessarily registering the info
> >      file)

that would mean a shell/perl script as /usr/bin/install-info that in
turn calls /usr/bin/ginstall-info, and warns in case we are called with
a non-supported argument.

> >    - Add an update-info-dir script. This script should just delete the dir
> >      file and then call the GNU's install-info with all the info files.
> >      (see also the previous mails from Ian Zimmerman, and his patch for
> >      --generate in install-info)
> > 
> >    - When installed for the first time (or first time >= version xxx),
> >      it should call update-info-dir.
> >      * There may be an issue with local softwares (not Debian packages)
> >        => maybe add a debconf question / NEWS entry?
> >      * What options should be used when installing the old info files?
> These two would be needed to be able to support triggers.

> I'd say way better to just use triggers, and stop doing anything in
> the maintainer scripts...


Best wishes


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