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Re: Britney(2) and dpkg


* 2008-05-07 04:51, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Yes, I guess it would be possible, but what should be considered is if
> that would be desirable. britney only cares about a subset of the package
> metadata and does not need to keep the rest in memmory. It also has its
> optimized memory pool handling. Being it a long lived process with a huge
> amount of data to process and keep, any additional unneeded operation or
> data seem like a big problem to me.

I fully agree with you, and the light-reimplementation is probably the best
choice; as I wrote on IRC, I tried to use the apt problem solver for this
purpose and it was something like 1000x slower than the actual

Next week I'll try to re-implement the code in a clean and easy-to-read c
extension, let's see if I come up with something fast and working.

> Also as an easy optimization target, you could check how fast (if any) is
> apt's compare version function vs dpkg's one, and replace that call from
> dpkg-lib.cpp.

I'll check it, thanks for the suggestion.

Best regards,

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