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Britney(2) and dpkg

Hello all,

as you probably already know, britney (the testing migration script) is
using a local customized dpkg source to test the installability of a
package while updating the testing distribution.

This is not really easy to manage, and in fact the code is quite complex to
maintain and debug. I'm sure that it would be possible to use dpkg
directly, and this would help a lot the release team maintaining britney
without taking care of the details for the installability check. The
problem is that I don't know at all the dpkg internals and I have no idea
about the parts of the dpkg source code which should be exposed to britney
for this purpose.

I give you an idea about what is needed inside britney, and what we are
currently performing with an ad-hoc python extension:

  # python pseudo-code
  from britney import buildSystem

  # we build a virtual i386 system with a list of packages from
  # a standard ad-hoc python dict
  packages = {'foo': [...], 'bar': [...]}
  system_i386 = buildSystem("i386", packages)

  # we check the installability for foo and bar
  print system_i386.is_installable('foo')
  print system_i386.is_installable('bar')

  # we remove a binary package
  new_pkg = [...]
  system_i386.add_binary('baz', new_pkg)

Is it possible, in your opinion, to directly use dpkg from python for this
purpose? Any hints about where to start looking at the code?

(please Cc me on replies, I'm not subscribed to this list)

Thanks in advance,

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