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Re: VCS-based source packages and helper tools

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> among people using VCS to maintain their packages, we have a bunch of
> people using helper packages (like git-buildpackage, gitpkg, bzr-builddeb,
> svn-buildpackage, etc.). 
> I'd like to know if VCS-based source packages would obsolete (part of?)
> those tools, and in general, how much of the workflow will be imposed by
> the usage of a VCS based source package.

Looking at just the git tools, some might need slight changes, but most
would be usable as-is, while a few might need significant changes. For
example, git-buildpackage(1) adds .git to ignores, which wouldn't be
appropriate if building a git package. The other stuff it does might
still be useful, although some of it would be redundant to dpkg (such as
checking for uncommitted changes). On the other hand gitpkg(1) uses
git-archive to export the sources, which wouldn't allow building a git
package. Tools like git-import-orig would continue to be useful as-is.

There's potential to subsume the *-buildpackage type tools into dpkg, but
it's not really a requirement, and git-buildpackage vs gitpkg show that
there can be two very different approaches to doing the same thing, so
there will probably always be such wrappers.

see shy jo

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