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Re: Is it possible to make a deb package in non-debian system butonly dpkg installed?

BRIAND, Michel M wrote:
Le mardi 06 novembre 2007 à 09:56 -0200, Otavio Salvador a écrit :
"BRIAND, Michel M" <michel.m.briand@airbus.com> writes:

Compiling dpkg on Solaris was like creating the first chicken. Maybe if
we could create a debbootstrap for Solaris it would be the first egg ...
For debootstrap, the best place to talk is debian-boot ml.

What problem you had?

I'm learning how to setup a dpkg building environment on my Solaris
machines, without installing Linux. I do want to keep all my Solaris
environment, and just manage a repository of dpkg converted applications
that I will check/build/install/upgrade on top of everything else.

Example setup

/		root		solaris
{/proc,/dev,...}root		solaris
/home/apps	me		dpkg built applications		NFS*
/home/dpkg/*	me		dpkg administrative files
/usr		root		solaris
/var		root		solaris

I then export with NFS /home/apps to serve all workstations : they will
be able to use any of my applications.

Best regards,

Are Debian binaries generally relocatable like this?

In any case, debootstrap is used in Nexenta in order to build zone filesystems. You might look at files related to the package nexenta-zones. The zones functionality in the current beta releases doesn't work out of the box but the coming NCP 1.0 release does. In any case, it's an easy fix to get the scripts working and have a good example of debootstrap under Solaris.


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