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Re: Is it possible to make a deb package in non-debian system butonly dpkg installed?

Le mercredi 31 octobre 2007 à 14:57 +0900, Inuk You a écrit :

> Inuk You wrote:
>> So once I've installed dpkg and checkinstall in the system.
>> Is it problem to try to make .deb in non-debian system? (but dpkg is
>> installed)
> checkinstall assumes that you are on a debian system when building a deb
> package. Wether this is the root of your problem or not is another > issue,
> but it will most probably fail.

Thanks Felipe

Do you know how to build deb package on non-debian system? or do you know
whether there is how to do that or not?
If not, can you recommend the good package management tool like APT for
non-distro linux?

Distro : N/A

On Solaris there is a compilation problem with :
- getopt
- obstack

I riped those two from some GNU source tree around and added them to the
dpkg/lib directory and Makefile.am

Someone want to progress on this track with me ?

I think even if you succeed to install dpkg on Solaris, it doesn't work well. I've also suffered a few problems to install dpkg on my system and succeeded it, but it doesn't work:
dpkg fails if installing some deb package from debian site.
So I wondered that it succeeds or not if building deb package on the system on which I installed dpkg. However I have no idea even whether it's possible to build deb package on non-debian system.

There was no your problem for me: getopt, obstack
so I don't know well,
but if you proceed to install and run dpkg on non-debian system (Solaris in your case) so that you can install some deb package whichever building on your system or getting from debian site,
I want to progress with you.
(although I'm not on Solaris but embedded linux)

or don't you think to build a new (distro independent) package management tool on your system? I'm looking for it (whether I don't know if there exists).

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