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Re: dpkg patch

Joey Hess writes ("Re: dpkg patch"):
> Well, we do store such info in the package, via the new Vcs- fields. I
> probably wouldn't mind if dpkg-source looked at those and turned on
> appropriate ignores.. Some people might argue that such a behavior would
> need to be disabled in some cases.

Currently some people are deliberately uploading VCS metadata as part
of the source package.  So just looking at VCS-* and throwing that
away is not an easy answer, unfortunately.

> > I agree with this, I think.  That's not to say that Ubuntu's ought to
> > be identical.
> No more than it's important that the dpkg in debian stable and unstable
> be identical. However, non-bugfix divergences that change behavior, and
> that one distro can come to rely on, while another decides not to
> support or use, can be a big problem.

Indeed so.


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