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Re: Commit access to the new git ? Uploader status ?


some third-party input on this issue, in the hope that it can help solve
this little different.

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Some weeks ago I started considering applying them anyway, although
> > by reverting the formatting changes (which I think should be done
> > regardless, otherwise the diff gets quite messy).
> I think failing to apply that change immediately is a mistake.
> The patch I sent in #375711 is purely the reversion of something that
> is clearly an earlier mistake.  The only change I made there is to
> return the indent width from actual tabs implying 8-column-per-indent
> to the 2-column-per-indent which is used in all of the rest of the C
> and C++ code in the whole of dpkg and which was used in previous
> versions of these very same files.

I agree that it's best if the indentation in all the C code is consistent.
In that regard, I'd suggest to apply the patch.

However I clearly dislike the 2-char indent (4 chars are the minimum IMO
to be readable) and wouldn't oppose a mass reformat later on.

> This change should be made immediately _even if you think the
> currently predominant style ought to be changed_ because it increases
> the consistency and because it undoes a previous unintentional and
> undesirable change.

I think the changes were intentionnal. It's just that Guillem finds more
reasonable to convert slowly the formatting as he works through the code.
As it happens, I disagree with this point of view.

Raphaël Hertzog

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