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Re: [long] Dpkg Team Organisation/Status

"Raphael Hertzog" <hertzog@debian.org> wrote in message 20070715103018.GC23290@ouaza.com">news:20070715103018.GC23290@ouaza.com...

3) We create a shared "official" tree where a group of committers can
push directly. This is sort of the current model, just with enhanced
development possibilities aside from the official tree.

[This would be the least disruptive model, but it lacks a central
instance, which might or might not be an advantage]

I'd suggest going with this for now. We can always move to another model
later. But right now, it's quite well suited for us. The only thing I
don't know yet, is how to handle commit notices with such a shared git tree.

It might be enough to look up how pkg-xorg handled that.

Umm just look at http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/cvs-migration.html

It talks about the no-central repository model,
the shared-central repository model,
and the one person maintains the offical repository model (this is Linus's prefered model, but he made sure all 3 work well with git).

It also discusses the hooks that can be used for push notifications. (git push being the equvlent of SVN commit for a shared central repository model).

Specificly you want the "post-receive" hook.
"There is a sample script post-receive-email provided in the contrib/hooks directory in git distribution, which implements sending commit emails."

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