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Re: Commit access to the new git ? Uploader status ?

Hi Ian,

On Wed, 2007-07-11 at 17:17:59 +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Would it be OK for me to have full maintainer access to dpkg ?  Ie,
> access to the primary vcs repository and permission to upload ?

Ok. I've added you to the alioth project, so you should have commit
access now to the svn repo. About the uploads, please read Frank's
mail about the organization, those need to be coordinated, but I
don't think we have been lacking in that regard anyway.

> The proximate reason is that there are a number of patches that I've
> submitted in bug reports with my Ubuntu hat on which haven't yet been
> applied, and it would be Ubuntu's merges easier if the diff was
> smaller.

I'm sorry that you have felt the need for this request due to those
patches not being applied, I'll take the blame, as I've been meaning
to merge most of the stuff from Ubuntu (as a side note I'm quite happy
that you have been filing those bug reports with the patches).

The fact that I've not done so has been actually the bug report that
you mention below (which also influenced a bit in me going silent
during last few weeks, the other reason for the silence has been that
I went on holidays and expected I would spare more time for Debian
related stuff, which I didn't).

Some weeks ago I started considering applying them anyway, although
by reverting the formatting changes (which I think should be done
regardless, otherwise the diff gets quite messy).

> Of course with my Debian hat on it would be nice for me to be able to
> commit minor changes as and when it seems appropriate.


> I will of course be careful about controversial changes.  For example,
> I'll refrain from committing my formatting fixup from #375711 until
> we've come to a conclusion.  I hope you can trust my judgement about
> what would be a controversial change.



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