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Re: Commit access to the new git ? Uploader status ?

Frank Lichtenheld writes ("[long] Dpkg Team Organisation/Status"):
> Ian and Guillem (and maybe others) need to solve their disagreements
> about coding style in the C part of dpkg

I agree that we need to come to a conclusion about this.  But there
are some general principles involved which aren't specific to dpkg so
I think debian-devel would be the right venue.  I'll post there when I
have a moment.

However ...

Guillem Jover writes ("Re: Commit access to the new git ?  Uploader
status ?"):
> [re Breaks:]
> Some weeks ago I started considering applying them anyway, although
> by reverting the formatting changes (which I think should be done
> regardless, otherwise the diff gets quite messy).

I think failing to apply that change immediately is a mistake.

The patch I sent in #375711 is purely the reversion of something that
is clearly an earlier mistake.  The only change I made there is to
return the indent width from actual tabs implying 8-column-per-indent
to the 2-column-per-indent which is used in all of the rest of the C
and C++ code in the whole of dpkg and which was used in previous
versions of these very same files.

Surely it is clear that the change in those files (and the relevant
part of src/archives.c) compared to earlier versions (cf 1.4.0 for
example) is just a mistake caused by erroneous editor settings or
tab/space conversion ?

This change should be made immediately _even if you think the
currently predominant style ought to be changed_ because it increases
the consistency and because it undoes a previous unintentional and
undesirable change.

Even if one were to want to choose to change the style later it would
make it easier if the style started out more consistent.

So, I hope you'll agree that #375711 should be applied immediately.


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