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Re: Commit access to the new git ? Uploader status ?

Guillem Jover writes ("Re: Commit access to the new git ?  Uploader status ?"):
> On Wed, 2007-07-11 at 17:17:59 +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Would it be OK for me to have full maintainer access to dpkg ?  Ie,
> > access to the primary vcs repository and permission to upload ?
> Ok. I've added you to the alioth project, so you should have commit
> access now to the svn repo. About the uploads, please read Frank's
> mail about the organization, those need to be coordinated, but I
> don't think we have been lacking in that regard anyway.

Thanks.  I'll take a look.  (Thanks also for your earlier excellent

> > The proximate reason is that there are a number of patches that I've
> > submitted in bug reports with my Ubuntu hat on which haven't yet been
> > applied, and it would be Ubuntu's merges easier if the diff was
> > smaller.
> I'm sorry that you have felt the need for this request due to those
> patches not being applied, I'll take the blame, as I've been meaning
> to merge most of the stuff from Ubuntu (as a side note I'm quite happy
> that you have been filing those bug reports with the patches).

Well, there's always an effort problem.

> Some weeks ago I started considering applying them anyway, although
> by reverting the formatting changes (which I think should be done
> regardless, otherwise the diff gets quite messy).

I'll send a separate mail about that I think.


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