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Re: Dpkg testing framework, take 5 (was: Re: How are things going?)

Hi Nicolas!

On Sun, Oct 08, 2006 at 03:36:16PM +0200, Nicolas François wrote:
> Hi Esteban,
> I had a look at the testsuite.
> It basically fulfill my requirements:
>   * I'm able to read the results of the testsuite
>   * I'm able to write tests

    Great :-)

> Just a few things (not really related to the test environment, but more on
> the current tests)
> [...]

    OK, thanks for your comments. There's LOTS of things I want to change,
that was just an experiment, a proof of concept.  I would like to document it,
integrate it well with the dpkg codebase, and fix the obvious bits _before_ it
getting into some SCM.

    If nobody has anything against it, I will begin that clean up and
documentation work, so I get it in shape to let it enter the repository...

> Is the testsuite intended to be run at build time, or manually?

    My initial idea was manually, mostly because it fits my testing style
better, but I don't know. Perhaps we could leave that as manually, _but_ show
some note when the build is complete, telling the user how to run the test
suite :-?

> I would like to see it in the dpkg repository, I don't think it's
> necessary to distribute it with the source package. If it does not
> interfer with the current build (does not change the source & binary
> packages), it would be nice to have it in trunk, otherwise in a separate
> branch.

    AFAIK, it should never need any changes to the source, except:

    1) Some change to the main Makefile, if you want the testsuite to be
executed from the tree root (not the case)
    2) Any refactoring you may need to make the code unit-testable (not the
case, either).


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