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Re: Dpkg testing framework, take 5 (was: Re: How are things going?)

Hi Esteban,

I had a look at the testsuite.

It basically fulfill my requirements:
  * I'm able to read the results of the testsuite
  * I'm able to write tests

Just a few things (not really related to the test environment, but more on
the current tests)
  * can you mention the dependencies of the testsuite (the check and
    libtest-unit-perl packages), in a README file
  * I would like to see the testsuite able to test builds done from a
    subversion working directory (objects and binaries are compiled in the
    build-tree directory)
      * libdpkg.a is not in ../lib
      * dpkg-scanpackages should be ../script/dpkg-scanpackages.pl
        (it may require some changes to be runnable from the source
        Currently, on my system, the dpkg-scanpackages test check the
        dpkg-multicd implementation.

Is the testsuite intended to be run at build time, or manually?

I would like to see it in the dpkg repository, I don't think it's
necessary to distribute it with the source package. If it does not
interfer with the current build (does not change the source & binary
packages), it would be nice to have it in trunk, otherwise in a separate
It could be nice to play with the testsuite during the freeze.

Kind Regards,

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