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Re: [Bug 122721] New: app-crypt/gnupg: improper signature verification [debian-dpkg-cvs] COMMAND DISCARD 11389957234630 About dpkg-query manpage Accepted dpkg 1.13.14 (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg 1.13.15 (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg 1.13.16 (source i386 all) Apt Server Re: Create a project on Alioth and choose a RCS? Da Internazionale dpkg --root not working? dpkg_1.13.14_alpha.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.14_arm.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.14_hppa.changes REJECTED dpkg_1.13.14_sparc.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_alpha.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_arm.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_hppa.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_ia64.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_m68k.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_mips.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_mipsel.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_s390.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.15_sparc.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_alpha.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_arm.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_hppa.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_hurd-i386.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_ia64.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_m68k.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_mips.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_mipsel.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_s390.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.13.16_sparc.changes ACCEPTED Fixed in upload of dpkg 1.13.14 to experimental Re: glibc 2.3.5-12.1 screwed up on Alpha keep debian farm upd2date Re: Multiarch support (was Moving 32-bit libraries to (/usr)/lib32 on amd64) Police Regarding PHP Application Re: pylibs and pydeps: shlibs-like support for Python extensions Re: r133 - in trunk/man: . hu Re: r162 - in trunk: . debian scripts Re: r181 - trunk/po Re: r88 - trunk/man/fr Re: r91 - in trunk: . debian m4 README.translators file Repository access securely validating installed files typo in manpage update-alternatives.8 Updated upload plans Usertags work The last update was on 13:40 GMT Fri May 17. There are 71 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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