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Re: r91 - in trunk: . debian m4

On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 05:59:06PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > This has had problems in the past with buildds, also the correct fix
> > now that dpkg has arch alias support would be "libselinux1-dev [linux-any]",

> However, he suggested this would need a versioned Build dependency on
> depkg-dev (>=1.13.13).....which means that shadow would have
> temporarily been tighted to dpkg progress towards testing, which I
> don't want (shadow is pretty stable right now and I upload new
> versions very quickly as soon as the former one has reached testing).

Well that depends on where you use the aliases, if they are only in
the sources package stanza in the debian/control file then you only need
a newer dpkg-dev to generate the source package, as the .dsc is going to
end up with the legacy architectures. If you use the aliases in the
binary package satanzas then you need a build-dependency, and support
from any helper tool that would need to parse those fields, like debhelper
and cdbs.

> But, of course, for dpkg itself, we don't have this problem...:)

Right, but just because we will use it in the Build-Depends, not
because it's dpkg itself, given that we use the dpkg that's on the
system not the one we are building. ;)


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