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dpkg --root not working?


I need to install debian packages from a pretty rudimentary system to
another system mounted on /mnt. Reading the dpkg man page, it sounds
like this is what "dpkg --root=/mnt ..." should do. Unfortunately
dpkg just issues some error messages about programs (update-rc.d ...)
and directories (/usr/local/sbin ...) not being found (which would
all be available if the paths where prefixed by "/mnt").

I saw that there are some pretty old messages referring to "--root"
not working. Is this still the same problem (Debian 3.1, dpkg 1.10.28)
or did I just misunderstand what that option should do?

Is there any way around this (besides "chroot /mnt", which would make
other things that I need inaccessible)?

                Peter Daum

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