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Sending commit messages somewhere?

In many team maintenance projects I'm involved in, commit messages to
the project's repository are sent to mailing lists or special
addresses so that anyone can subscribe and receive them.

Fro mexperience, this improves a lot the peer review process which is
one of the benefits of team maintenance.

-in d-i and shadow teams, we send the commits messages to a dedicated

-in samba, we send them to the main maintenance list

Do you think it would be worth doing so for dpkg?

If so, where should we sent the messages?

Doing it in debian-dpkg avoids being forcedf to subscribe to two
lists, be could be annoying for people who follow this list without
being active maintainers. Moreover, this would enforce archiving these
maybe quite useless messages (in long term).

Doing it elsewhere requires the creation of another list (on alioth,
maybe) and would require active actions by the maintainers...


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