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Re: About dpkg translation, please consider i18n when choosing words

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Luk Claes wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Jacob Sparre Andersen wrote:

> > That's definitely a good idea.  Translators also have
> > the additional benefit of knowing what kind of extra
> > context actually is important to make translation
> > possible.  Would comments (not actually in patch format)
> > also be welcome?
> Your question illustrates the fact that even translators
> in general don't know the needed syntax ... not all
> translators know how to internationalise software!

Definitely not the technical side of it. - It is also quite

> Maybe we should create a debian-i18n pseudo-package so
> particular problems/tasks can be reported in the BTS?

I'm not sure what problem that solves.  Nor how.

> > PS: Why is it that GNU Gettext doesn't include the
> >     comments as a part of the message-ids? (like KDE
> >     Gettext does)
> Because then all these messages become fuzzy when
> something is changed in the comment

Exactly.  If the comment is different, it is likely that the
meaning also is different.

> and the same strings should have the same comment
> otherwise you have multiple instances to translate?

Exactly.  You can for example have "Unknown" with a comment
clarifying that it is an unknown window and "Unknown"  with
a comment clarifying that it is an unknown file.  In some
languages (at least Faroese, almost certainly also Icelandic
and Italian) these two instances of "Unknown" have different

> I don't know the details of the implementation of KDE
> Gettext, though ...

I knew it a bit too well for a while.  It is far from
perfect, but having comments as a part of the message-ids is
an excellent way of making otherwise implicit grammatical
information explicit.

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