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Re: conffiles may be removed, this is not a dpkg bug [was Re: Processed: reassigning]

> Are you sure none of the packages involved don't happen to be running any
> rm(1)s in their p* scripts to clean up their config directories?
> Like what http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=149064&msg=15
> says.

Hmmm.. forgot about that one.

But still i believe, no i'm quite sure, that i encountered this bug also
when not upgrading gconf.
My guess still is that it happens when upgrading from either galeon or
galeon-nautilus to galeon-common + one of them.
Of course the gconf upgrade could have been some time earlier, and the
schema file killed by then... no... it should have been reinstalled
during the upgrade, shouldn't it?

At least the galeon packages do not run a rm in /etc/gconf/schemas.

And: consider the following:
When the error occurs, just doing a "dpkg -i galeon*.deb" will not help.
You need to --purge galeon and then install it.
That's why my guess is that dpkg things galeon.schemas is a conffile of
"galeon" that was removed, and therefore doesn't install the
galeon.schemas file in "galeon-common". (probably with the same md5sum)


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